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It all started when…

We weren’t satisfied with the restrictions, cost and complexity of the IT platforms we’d experienced in many organisations and corporate IT environments, and we knew we could do better. That’s why we started Xeperno.

We only sell solutions that we believe in, and that help you achieve your outcomes. With our curated collection of IT solutions you’ll find

  • excellent service management

  • expert project management

  • delivering true business value.

Our customers are our top priority: if we don’t think our solutions are right for you we’ll tell you, straight up.


Paul Phillips



Paul has a breadth of knowledge and experience across all areas of IT: from humble beginnings in desktop support through network design and installation, system administration, infrastructure management and software development. He’s fluent in both business and tech language, so is effective working with all levels of an organisation from help desks and engineering design through to strategic planning with CIOs.

Paul has been in IT since the early days of the internet and networking on green screens, through its development and into the future. He’s developed a unique perspective on what really works: simple, cost-effective, efficient solutions.

Paul has worked in businesses across many fields, from education to industry, media and software.

Weekend-wise, you’ll find Paul and his wife Shona catching a movie, establishing a self-sufficient veggie garden and orchard, and making plans for building their dream home.

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We ♡ Northland

We’re proud supporters of our community

Shona always said driving over the Brynderwyns felt like coming home, so after a stint in Sydney we decided to make the move back to her roots in Northland, and now Paul knows what she means.

We’ve established our home and business here, and its beautiful coastline is the inspiration behind our brand design. We’re dedicated to supporting the Northland community and its economy.

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