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Deliver IT outcomes


Is your focus on delivering IT outcomes? Reducing cost and complexity while simultaneously doing more to support your business?

Xeperno help you transcend the boundaries of cost and complexity. Our carefully curated range of efficient, cost-effective platforms to deliver IT services will help you achieve your outcomes.


Achieve with Xeperno

Xeperno Software

We’ve curated a range of tried, tested software from New Zealand and globally that we really believe in. We will help you overcome the barriers of cost and complexity that come with traditional platforms. With us, you’ll find solutions that let you and your team concentrate on your organisation and customers, without getting bogged down implementing and managing overly complex systems.

Xeperno Consulting

Xeperno provide full consulting support. We will work with you to review any existing systems you have, form a strategic plan focused on outcomes you need to deliver to support your business and customers, identify your IT gaps and requirements, and help you to implement your plan.


COMPLEX IT systems

Do your IT platforms need re-working?

IT systems too complicated? Not delivering the outcomes you need?

You’ll find our solutions deliver the value you need with much less complexity, and work with your existing systems so you don’t need to start from scratch.

budding IT systems

Are you establishing your IT platforms?

New business? Using manual workarounds or working off emails and spreadsheets?

We’re different to traditional suppliers: we supply IT solutions that are simpler, more affordable, and designed to deliver the value you need.


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